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Project41 develops tools that empower the poor to lift themselves out of poverty.

the crisis

Project41 holds the core belief that the poor have the capacity within themselves to rise above extreme poverty. Our pump is a tool that provides farming families the ability to irrigate their land, leading to tremendous gains in income, food security, and a better life. It is amazing to watch what an enterprising individual can accomplish simply by being introduced to opportunity.

of the poorest in our world
are small scale farming families.

The majority of these farmers must rely on seasonal unpredictable rainfall.

Droughts and extended dry seasons drastically reduce the ability to produce the crops these farmers need to feed their families.

Together we can put an end to this tragic situation.

The Rainmaker, a simple yet powerful tool.


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Clean water for those
who need it most.


Our SafeTap water filtration system is robust, easy to use, and operates under very low pressures. Utilizing advanced hollow fiber membrane technology, the system removes 99.99999% of all bacteria, protozoa, and cysts. Our unique integrated backflush means this system can provide a near endless supply of clean, safe water. At 3 gpm the system is perfect for schools, health centers, or anywhere else clean water is needed.

“Half the worlds hospital beds are full of people suffering from water borne diseases” -UNEP

“1in6 people lack access to safe drinking water” –WHO

“ Water borne illness is a leading cause of death in children under 5 “ –UNICEF

Everything changes with access to clean water, hospitals become safer, children no longer miss school and mothers have more time to attend to other family needs. The overall quality of life for everyone improves dramatically.

Imagine a world where every child, every school and every health center has clean water.

We are committed to see this happen in our lifetime!

“In 35 years working in Africa I have tried every method imaginable in the quest for reliable safe water. Nothing comes close to the SafeTap filter. It is a Godsend. It is a timely technology that will make a tremendous difference in the quality of life of people in ANY context where safe water is an issue”.
- David Arzouni, President (Wassa Mali Association)

Providing jobs to
the local economy.


Project41 seeks to create income opportunities, improve food security, and provide access to clean water for poor rural households, health centers, and schools in the developing world.  We partner with local non-profits who sell our systems at an affordable price, allowing owners to create profitable social enterprises. The pumps and filters are constructed in-country, creating jobs for the local community, leading to long-term financial sustainability.

One Farmer's Story

Fred lives in a small village in Uganda and is the father of eight children. Six of his children are biological and two are adopted. He supported his family by working as a security guard, where he earned $30 US per month. On this income- the equivalent to roughly $1 US per day- he struggled to provide for his family. Food security was a serious challenge, as was paying for education costs and medical treatment.

Last July, Fred acquired a P41 Rainmaker as part of Project 41's beta-test. He worked diligently throughout the dry season, and after just one harvest, he earned over $750 US. His hard work, combined with the P41 Rainmaker, radically changed his life. With the increased income, Fred purchased new school uniforms for his children, built a new house for his wife and family, and started construction on a storefront in order to sell his crops.

Fred says," I would like to thank my brothers for bringing me this pump. Before, we had nothing to use for watering in the dry seasons, and we cannot grow a crop. Since the pump has come to us, whether it is raining or not, we are growing crops."

'The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but to reveal to him his own.'

- Benjamin Disraeli

about us

  • Andy Pierce Founder/Executive Director
  • Patty Pierce Co-Founder / Director of Administration
  • Agnes Twoli Director of Operations, Uganda
  • Hannington Segirinya SafeTap Operations, Uganda
  • Joseph Twoli Deputee Director, Uganda
  • Nana Bekoe-Sakyi Director of Operations, Ghana
  • Jack Fredricks Board Member
  • Timothy Reynolds Board Member
  • David Salmon Board Member
  • Megan Pierce Creative Coordinator
  • Hannah Pierce Communications

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