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A Farmers Story: Flowers by Grace

Living on 17 acre farm just outside the city of Kampala Uganda, Grace Mbabaali is a hardworking and entrepreneurial florist. Along with her flower garden, Grace also grows maize, bananas, mushrooms, and vegetables. Even though her flowers were in high demand year-round, Grace almost had to give up on her garden because of how challenging it was keeping the delicate flowers alive during the dry season. Graces employees would spend much of the day in order to carry enough water from a nearby pond to make sure the flowers had enough water. This work was very exhausting and the water was only sufficient to last two days. Grace was faced with the possibility of losing her garden because of the high cost of keeping her flowers alive.

Then Grace purchased the RainMaker and the results were amazing. Now her workers only have to spend 2 hours a day to flood the garden and the water is enough for three days. Grace reports that her garden is greener and much more productive saying, “I now need to find other customers for my flowers because there are more. In the coming dry season, I will not be scared about keeping up the supply of flowers.”

Farmers such as Grace, who are able to utilize the RainMaker Pump to increase their income, better their way of life and the lives of others, are what inspire us at Project41. We are excited by the possibilities that 2015 will bring, and look forward to helping many more farming families this coming year. 

Written by
Megan Pierce